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Welcome! I am a therapist at Transitions in Hamilton, Bermuda. I practice mostly in the Cognitive Behavioral tradition of therapy, utilizing acceptance and mindfulness to help with problems that can range from a lack of fulfillment and disengagement from life, to more specific issues like anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours.

My aim is to create an allowing and compassionate space for my work with clients, and you can find out more about my approach to therapy by clicking the "Materials" tab where you will find my "Cognitive Mindfulness Workbook" - please feel free to have a look.


I also conduct workshops and teach meditation, either in small groups or one on one, and you can find my four session course in the "Materials" section along with a short mindfulness of breathing exercise.

If you're interested in the intersection between meditation, spirituality and modern psychology, click on my paper "Self as Representation and Presence" in the journal "Undivided".

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